Principal Message


My dear students,

Welcome to joyful learning! It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the Global family. Every seed of the banyan tree has an inbuilt ability to grow into a mighty tree, in a conducive environment. Likewise, all children are blessed with knowledge, skills and abilities and all of them could evolve into experts in their own chosen fields, when an encouraging and supportive environment is provided. Global International School provides such an environment with varied opportunities in high academic standards.

Global International School intends to bring out the best in you in all spheres. We earnestly believe that you will all inculcate good habits and manners viz. speaking truth, respecting elders, being polite, kind and caring others, besides enjoying excellent education. The aim of education is to unearth the perfection latent already in men to enable them to serve the society better, as Swami Vivekananda quoted. We are sure every child of Global will turn out to be a role model worthy of emulation by others.

I am certain that we, along with your parents, will provide you all the required inputs to facilitate you to realize your dreams. Global will always be with you in all your endeavours offering you the necessary help, encouragement and guidance.

Mr. R. Manickam