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Infrastructure of our school supports excellent learning environment : Spacious ventilated classrooms with the modern facility, spacious activity room, well-equipped Library & Computer Lab. It has a huge playground with the amenities for sports such as horse riding, gymnastics, cricket, basketball, and skating, etc.

Preprimary classroom: Children learn to their fullest potential in a peaceful classroom where materials are carefully prepared and presented by highly educated, nurturing professionals who encourage children to learn independently at their own pace. Not only are these materials more engaging and enjoyable for the playful preschoolers, but they are carefully designed, specific to the Montessori curriculum. Each material, no matter how seemingly small, playful or mundane, has a specific purpose and learning goal. Montessori materials are meant to engage and excite the child on all levels to expose children to different textures and colors.
The very existence of libraries affords the best evidence that we may yet have hope for the future of man. Our School possesses spacious and well stocked library for the children with a very healthy environment for learning. Along with hard copy books, a well planned e-library has been set up with digitalized books.
Classrooms are equipped with digital smart boards with spacious ambience and ventilation. Digital content, lecture videos, and online learning resources are available in classrooms as per the needs of the children, where the children will learn the various skills deemed necessary and will achieve success in the global society.
We strongly believe that integrating sports with academics is need of the hour. In order to develop a childs self-confidence and self-esteem, the school has massive playground with sports facilities.
The School computer Laboratory is advanced in infrastructure which caters to the requirements of the students and in line with the curriculum. The students are taught practicum and exposed to learn wide range softwares related to daily life, official works and industrial needs.
A well designed spacious activity avenue to make children enjoy indoor and outdoor games. Outdoor games are conducted in the wide open ground. The school provides for all the necessary play equipment for each game. The school provides for all the play equipment and requirements for Indoor games.